CMU Students “In Shock” After Classmate From Holland Found Dead By Roommates

Posted at 10:32 PM, Sep 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-03 22:51:52-04

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. – A 22-year-old student from Holland, whom classmates identified as Kelly Markatos, was found dead by her roommates at Central Michigan University on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.

Just a week into the school year at Central Michigan University and students like Nathan Kimes, a junior from Caledonia, were trying to get back in a routine.

“Everyone kind of came back into town yesterday and it was quiet, getting ready for tomorrow, and then we wake up to this you know,” said Kimes from outside his apartment on West Campus Drive near CMU’s campus.

Those like Kimes who live in and around the West Campus Village Apartments awoke to sobering sight around 9:00am on Tuesday.

“I was walking to class and I saw like four cop cars, an ambulance and a fire truck,” said Tom Craig, a CMU student who lives in apartment complex.

According to Mount Pleasant Police, emergency crews were called after roommates of the 22-year-old student tried to wake her up unsuccessfully.  First responders also tried life-saving measures but were unable to revive Markatos.

School officials then sent out a mass email to students informing them of the tragedy and telling students grief counselors would be available if needed.

“It’s just kind of somber around here,” said Craig.  “Just shocking.”

Kimes said he was just starting to get to know his neighbors, including Markatos and her roommates.  After seeing the police and emergency crews he said he was compelled to offer any support he could to the grieving friends

“(I) just felt for them,” he said.  “Asked them if there was anything we could do.  And other than that there’s nothing, really out of our hands.”

Police say they don’t suspect foul play at this time.  We’re told detectives won’t know the exact cause of death until the autopsy results come back.