“28 West”: City Of Wyoming Looking To Transform 28th Street

Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-27 23:05:06-04

WYOMING, Mich.,–The City of Wyoming has big plans for 28thStreet. The city has already spent $100,000 on development plans for what they’re calling ’28 West,’ a plan to totally revamp the road.  

 It’s a transformation the city hopes will help businesses take advantage of one of the most heavily trafficked roads in West Michigan.  28 West has been three years in the making, and Tuesday residents had the chance to hear how they plan it make it all a reality.

 The proposed plan is to revamp Wyoming from Clyde Park to Burlingame, to make it a place where people can shop, eat and walk around town. The city plans to build a new road near Michael Street with new buildings to bring in the traffic of 28th street.

 Mike and Cathy Kenyon have lived in Wyoming all their lives, and raised their kids there.  Like the dozens of residents in room Tuesday they agree some kind ofchange needs to happen to 28th Street.  That’s why they were there to ask questions and learn more about the city’s new plan.

 “I think it’s an ambitious project,” Mike said.  “I have doubts on all of it coming to life.” Rebecca Rynbrandt, Director of Community Services says every area goes through a cycle and now as a city they are on the upswing.

 The city plans to do this all through ‘form based code’ meaning the regulation for developers is already in place. City leaders say it’s a 20 maybe even 30-year vision.  Rynbrandt says between the DDA and the City of Wyoming’s Planning and Community Development departments they have already spent around $100,000 dollars on this project.

 “We are committed to this process.  We’ve walked hand-in-hand with the business community because it will be a success,” she said.

 One concern among residents Tuesday was what will happen to the other businesses already there. The city says they will work with them over time to fit into that form-based code once it’s adopted and passed by city council.