Enbridge Workers Bulldoze ‘Inches’ from Resident’s Home

Posted at 8:13 PM, Aug 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-21 22:24:40-04

CERESCO, Mich.–For six days, Enbridge pipeline crews have been working with heavy equipment at 8 a.m. near from David Gallagher’s East Drive South house.  And when he says near, he means just a couple of inches from his property line.

Gallagher said the workers rebuilding 6B pipeline that leaked millions of gallons of oil in 2010 are too close for comfort.

“It gets worse as each piece of equipment goes by I try not to think about it and focus in on my work and do other things but it’s difficult,” he said.

Gallagher took home video of crews laying an access road just inches from his back porch. Gallagher says the new pipe is also much closer than the existing one, only 12 feet from his house.

“It’s a risk that you’re constantly going to have there’s no way for them to detect or guarantee that it’s not going to happen. If it was further away maybe we wouldn’t have such the concern but it’s so close that if anything should ever happen we don’t stand a chance,” he said.

“Clearly seeing stakes is one thing, seeing piles of dirt and equipment and personnel is completely different but we are building within our existing easement,” Enbridge spokesman Jason Manshum said.

Manshum also claims employees will restore the property they dig up while laying the new pipeline.  However, Gallagher says living like this is far more than he could have ever bargained for.

“You’re in a conference room talking to someone over it and then all the sudden they’re driving a D9 bulldozer and it’s shaking your house.  How would anybody want to agree to that?”