Prosthetic Leg Found in Muskegon River

Posted at 9:39 PM, Aug 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-12 00:01:31-04

NEWAYGO Co, Mich. — Last weekend was just another adventurous time for Stacey Nickerson and her friends. They canoed on the Muskegon River and casually searched the water.

“We find phones and cameras and stuff all the time, but this time we found something a little bit different,” Nickerson, a Grand Rapids resident chuckled.

This time, she and her friends spotted something much bigger. Nickerson said the item was floating about waist deep.

“So we said to the other guy, ‘Hey, looks like there`s a megaphone down there. Dive for it,’” she recalled.

After the friend dove in and made the recovery, she said, “It ended up being a prosthetic leg.”

“We were shocked so I said, ‘Well, we got to keep it and keep it in our boat until we find the owner,” she explained.

That`s why Nickerson contacted FOX 17. She wants us to help answer the big question behind this mystery find. Who`s missing the upper half of their prosthetic leg?

There’s no name or contact information on it. It appears to be custom-made. It’s wrapped with lone star flags, which were once flown by Florida and Texas.

“Who knows if they can`t afford to get another one?” Nickerson questioned. “They`re very expensive,” she added.

Take a good look at the picture and video of the prosthetic. If you know who owns it, contact FOX 17 at