Rockford Family Hoping For Daughter, Welcomes 12th Baby Boy Into The World

Posted at 6:52 PM, Aug 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-05 20:51:10-04

A family in Rockford is welcoming baby number 12 into the world and for the 12th time, it’s a boy.

Tucker Ray Schwandt was born on August, 4.

He’s coming into the world with 11 eager big brothers who rushed into the room at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids to greet him.

“I never imagined I`d be sitting here with my 12th child,” said Jay Schwandt, Tucker’s dad.

Tucker’s middle name comes from his grandfather “Ray” who shares the same birthday.

“We didn`t know what he would be when he was first born. We don`t find out. It`s always a boy, but it`s always a surprise,” said Kateri Schwandt.

Jay said he was somewhat rooting for a girl along with a few other friends who were thinking pink, but blue won out.

“I`m sure a little girl probably would be fun but we know what we`re doing,” said Teri. “Sometimes I feel like I`m living in a locker room.”

Teri says after number 11, she’s got this down.

The family operates on flow charts and chores, sports and band-aids.

Sometimes it’s the law of jungle.

“With boys sometimes it gets a little rough,” said Ty, the oldest brother.

Ty, at 21, has a lot of experience with wrangling the bunch.

“Don`t turn your back on them for too long,” he said with a smile.

He’s picked up a few life skills along the way as well.

“I know how to manage time and manage a schedule and make sure kids get where they need to be and get picked up when Mom forgets every now and then,” said Ty.

The boys got to help in naming Tucker along with mom and dad.

They hashed it out together in a group decision.

“Maybe you wouldn`t be surprised what some of the boys came up with,” said Jay.

“We almost had an Elmo,” said Teri.

As for more children, Jay says they aren’t opposed to having more and unless something medically occurs.

He says it’s a religious preference and his wife is a devout Catholic.

He says if they are blessed with a 13th child, he does hope that is the charm and they are able to have a daughter.