Teen Suspected In Kentwood Graduation Party Shooting In Court On Perjury Charges

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jul 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-31 17:47:40-04

pool party shootingKENT COUNTY, Mich. –The teen that investigators suspect was involved in an argument and shooting at a pool party in Kentwood is facing perjury charges in Kent County Court.

Firve people were reportedly injured in that shooting, at least three were hit by bullets.

Billie McKinney hasn’t been charged in that shooting.

His preliminary hearing in Kent County Court revolved around a murder investigation in which McKinney was questioned.

Police and prosecutors say he lied during testimony under oath regarding his association with the Bemis Boys, a gang associated with the Grand Rapids area.

They say he also lied about his contact with firearms and about knowledge regarding recent shootings.

He is being charged in the perjury case as an habitual offender, second offense after being previously convicted of carrying a concealed weapon.

During a probable cause hearing regarding the perjury charge, detectives said that witnesses had pointed to McKinney as a possible shooter in the Kentwood case.

McKinney’s defense attorney requested the hearing be rescheduled.

Meanwhile, McKinney’s alleged gang association brings up questions about whether or not the violence is related to that group.

Those details have yet to come out in court.

However, Kent County Undersheriff Jon Hess says there isn’t a metro-community in West Michigan that isn’t touched by gang activity in some way.

“I don`t think any of the gangs are bound by restrictions based on a county line or a city line,” said Hess.

Although the Bemis Boys or other gangs may have a home base in one particular location, he says it’s not unusual for violence or activity to spill over into other areas for a variety of reasons.

Members don’t have to live near their home base.

“They have factions, or memberships in all different communities,” said Hess.

He says there can also be disputes with people in other areas of the county and the fight comes to them.

“It might be over territory, it might be over relationships, it might be over respect, just disrespecting one group in a certain way,” said Hess.

As for McKinney’s perjury charge, more information may come out when the hearing continues.

Prosecutors did indicate that they were concerned about the witnesses willingness to come back and testify after that preliminary hearing was rescheduled.