Rip Currents Dangerous Again Tuesday On Beaches Of Lake Michigan

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jul 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-23 21:09:26-04

OVAL BEACH, Mich. — Tuesday proved to be another day in which swimming was not advised at beaches across West Michigan.

Dangerous rip currents were being reported as a hazard for swimmers from Ludington to South Haven off Lake Michigan.

However, people were still going into the water anyway.

More than two dozen were splashing in the waves at Oval Beach near Saugatuck early  Tuesday, though many of them who were in the water refused to go in past waist-deep. However, some who had flotation devices were traveling out farther in the swimming areas.

“I’d say you have to stay closer to the shore because the rip current is really strong and it can pull you out,” said Annabel Childers of Portage. “So, I would stay close to the shore and have adult supervision definitely.”

The Todash family said they were also being cautious.

“Being from New Jersey, we know what the rip currents can do,” Marie Todash said. “It’s very dangerous you really have to keep your kids close and watch them.”

There were no reports of rescues from the coast guard in the West Michigan area as of early Tuesday afternoon.

The Coast Guard did report assisting with a boat that was taking on water in the Green Bay area earlier in the day.