Feel-Like Temperatures Rise Above 100° Once Again Today

Posted at 9:31 AM, Jul 18, 2013

071813HEATINDEXWEST MICHIGAN — Hot and humid temperatures created uncomfortable conditions again Wednesday as feel-like temperatures rose above the century mark. Some areas in Michigan even reached 110 degrees!

Here is a list of peak heat indices or feel-like temperatures from Wednesday:

Allegan County

Bradley: 108° (12:58pm)

Allegan: 102° (3:03pm)

Fennville: 101° (5:45pm)

Tulip City Airport: 100° (12:53pm)

Wayland: 96° (3:24pm)

Barry County

Dowling: 98° (3:00pm)

Calhoun County

Ceresco: 105° (1:16pm)

Kellogg Airport:  98° (4:53pm)

Ionia County

Saranac: 110° (2:59pm)

Ionia: 103° (2:54pm)

Clarksville: 96° (5:00pm)

Belding: 96° (3:49pm)

Grattan: 95° (4:00pm)

Kalamazoo County

Comstock: 109° (2:19pm)

Fulton: 104° (1:52pm)

Kalamazoo Airport: 99° (1:53pm)

Cooper: 98° (3:00pm)

Kent County

Ada: 109° (2:29pm)

Walker: 108° (2:36pm)

Grandville: 106° (4:08pm)

East Grand Rapids: 105° (4:08pm)

Cutlerville: 105° (2:26pm)

Cedar Springs: 103° (2:30pm)

Grandville: 102° (1:41pm)

Kent City: 102° (1:01pm)

Grand Rapids: 100° (2:53pm)

Wright: 95° (3:00pm)

Byron Center: 95° (2:14pm)

Montcalm County

Stanton: 103° (3:55pm)

Greenville: 103° (2:59pm)

Muskegon County

Cloverville: 105° (5:44pm)

Montague: 101° (2:23pm)

Norton Shores: 100° (4:00pm)

Ravenna: 98° (1:05pm)

Muskegon: 96° (4:55pm)

Newaygo County

Newaygo: 107° (2:38pm)

Fremont: 106° (2:49pm)

Oceana County

Hesperia: 102° (2:15pm)

Hart: 98° (12:55pm)

Ottawa County

Hudsonville: 108° (2:45pm)

Nunica: 105° (2:50pm)

Jamestown: 105° (12:27pm)

Beechwood: 101° (3:24pm)

Holland: 101° (3:34pm)

Van Buren County

Grand Junction: 106° (2:00pm)

Hartford: 104° (4:00pm)

Gobles: 103° (2:01pm)

Heat Advisories are in effect once again today as temperatures creep back into the low to mid 90’s and feel-like temperatures approach one hundred. Relief however is in sight as a potent cold front will push through Friday afternoon and evening bringing chances for showers and thunderstorms a few of which could be on the strong side. Friday’s cold front will lead to some pleasant conditions for the weekend as temperatures drop into the low to mid 80’s.