Police Arrest 18-Year-Old in Connection to Graduation Party Shooting

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jul 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-17 15:12:59-04

KENTWOOD, Mich.- Police have an 18-year-old in man custody in connection with the shooting of five people at a Kentwood graduation party. 

 Police say there were around 50 people at the party when 10 uninvited guests showed up and the shooting begin.

 The suspect accused of opening fire on the crowd was arrested Monday on felony assault charges. He has a criminal history including felony weapons charges and possession of marijuana.

Sara Gokee was at the party when it all happened and she said it was like something out of a horror movie.

“This porch is like 10 to 15 feet off the ground and people are just jumping over it and running into the woods and bushes and freaking out,” Gokee said. “Someone knocked over the fire pit and the fire was going everywhere.”

She says she heard six gunshots and saw two people on the ground.  Police say five people were shot and two remain in the hospital as of Tuesday, July 16.

Police are still searching for answers asking for pictures or videos that may have been taken near the time of the shooting.  They expect more arrests to be made.  If you know something you are asked to call the Silent Observer Tip Line at 616-774-2345.