Heat Builds This Weekend, Lingers For Days

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jul 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-11 20:50:03-04

College of DuPage

WEST MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — So far this summer, there has not been a single 90-degree day in Grand Rapids. All indications are that will be changing next week, as a dome of hot and humid air parks over the midwest. This image shows predicted temperatures at around 2pm Monday.  Most areas will be just shy of 90 degrees at that time.

Further, it looks like once the heat arrives, it will have some staying power. Most of the medium-range computer models keep us hot and humid for most of the week.

Before the hot and humid weather arrives, there are some beautiful days on the way. It won’t be until Sunday that we actually notice the increase in the humidity.

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