Caught On Video: Mom Rescues Baby From Bumper Of Speeding Van

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-10 18:56:11-04

Police need the public’s help in locating two men who were in a van that ran over a toddler in a stroller, dragging the child through a parking lot before his mother was able to save him.

The situation was terrifying for mom Aireanna Currier, 18, as she watched 1-year-old Elijah get hit and then dragged away.

“I knew that I had to save him,” said Aireanna.

Aireanna, her 13-year-old sister and baby Elijah had been visiting their grandparents and had walked to Sam’s Drink All convenience store to get milk and cereal.

As they stopped to check on the child, the van backed up and knocked Aireanna down.

Elijah was suddenly trapped under the bumper of the van in a crumpled stroller.

“When he was being dragged in the stroller, he was crying and reaching his arms out towards me like ‘Mommy, save me’,” said Aireanna.

When she realized Elijah was trapped, she leaped up and sprinted to him, frantically pulling at the stroller restraints to get him out.

“I`m rushing to unbuckle him and kept pulling on him, loosening it up, so I could grab him and get him in my arms,” said Aireanna.

After she got him out to safety, the van pulled away with the stroller still wedged underneath.

“I was all shaky and my legs kept shaking,” she said.

Police are looking for the men who were in that van.

At least one of the men was captured on video in the store.

While Aireanna had a few scrapes and bruises, miraculously Elijah was alright.

When she looks at the video, it’s haunting.

“I still feel scared and at the same time I think to myself I`m lucky that me and my son are still here,” she said.