A Psychological Evaluation Says Higgins Competent To Stand Trail

Posted at 1:14 PM, Jul 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-09 13:14:32-04

higgins-new-mugshotWYOMING,Mich. — Higgins has been charged for a number of home invasions and auto theft in Wyoming. Police say the crimes happened in fall 2012.

A psychological evaluation was ordered for Higgins in April after he faced a judge in Wyoming District Court for a preliminary hearing. He didn’t answer the judge’s questions nor did he make eye contact.

Normally, defendants are brought into the courtroom for their preliminary examination. Higgins did his prelim on closed circuit television.

“We’re doing this by video because you were smearing your own feces all over your face,” the judge said.

“You were refusing to come out of the cell. So we’ve chosen to do this by video for your own safety, for the safety of the staff and I guess for hygiene,” the judge explained.

Higgins sat shirtless and in a restraint. He drooled during the entire hearing. The court administrator says Higgins was very uncooperative with deputies before the court proceeding. That caused the hearing to be delayed.

Higgins is also the suspect in the murder of a Kentwood couple. David and Vivian Bouwman were found murdered in their home in early January. Higgins has yet to be charged in that case.

Higgins is due back in Wyoming District court on July 17 at 1PM.