Ada Township Donating Fire Engine To Texas Fire Department Hit By Tragedy

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-04 18:17:22-04

The Ada Township Fire Department is kicking off a fundraiser to help deliver one of their fire engines to a department in Texas hit by tragedy.

The department decided to donate the engine to the Abbott Texas Volunteer Fire Department following a fertilizer plant explosion there.

“We`ve seen pictures, it`s just devastating down there,” said Brandon Holmes, Ada Township Firefighter.

The explosion killed 14 people, nine of them were firefighters.

“A short time after they got there and started to put the fire out, that`s when the explosion occurred,” said Lt. David Murray, Ada Township Fire Department. “It took out not only the factory, but took out nursing homes, houses and did quite a bit of damage.”

When firefighters realized they were getting a new truck in Ada, they requested that the Township Board donate the engine, a sacrifice considering that if they sold the truck, it might bring in upwards of $25,000.

“The budget they have there is very small, they have about a 12000 a year budget,” said Murray. “Everybody there is volunteer. Nobody gets paid any money and it was just a chance, timing, it all worked out  that we had a truck and they needed one.”

If the truck isn’t shipped, firefighters like Holmes may drive it down to Texas themselves.

“It`s going to be a bumpy ride, we know that. It`s not very comfortable, but  we`ll switch, we`ll take turns,” said Holmes. “There`s no AC, there`s no radio, there`s not much comfort. It`s kind of cramped quarters, but that will make it more exciting I think.”

To get there, they are raising gas money for the truck by selling shirts.

They estimate for the 1,200 mile drive, they will need about $3,000.

“It`s just a brotherhood, thus the shirt. Brothers helping brothers. We just figured it was kind of appropriate,” said Holmes.

The shirts are selling for $15, to order one to support their cause, you can call the Ada Township Fire Department at 616 676 2376.