Girl Hit At ‘Bday Bash’ Gets Surprise From Country Music Star

Posted at 7:06 PM, Jun 25, 2013

ALLEGAN, Mich.– A little girl hit by a car at the B-93 Birthday Bash is getting a big surprise from one of her favorite country music stars.

Police say 9-year-old Jaylynn Hiler was hit by 18-year-old Eric Roberts while leaving the bash.  They also say Roberts was intoxicated and trying to pass traffic.

Jaylynn suffered a fractured pelvis from the incident and her mom, Charlinda Lupien, says she’s still recovering.

“It’s been hard,getting her in and out the bathtub to go to the bathroom, just being able to do things on her own is rough,” she said.

Once Fox17 aired her story after the accident word spread to Nashville about Jaylynn being upset she couldn’t see her favorite country star Lee Brice perform Sunday because she was still in the hospital.

Jaylynn says she loves Lee Brice, especially a certain song he sings called ‘Drive My Truck.’ Jaylynn says it was her step dad’s favorite song and he was recently killed in a car accident.

Now Jaylynn will not only be able to hear Lee Brice sing that song but meet him. In the weeks following her accident, Lee Brice’s manager reached out to Hiler and invited her to his next closest concert with backstage passes.

Lupien says it’s been rough with medical bills coming in and trying to get Jaylynn to the concert in Ohio.  If you’d like to help with any of that, you can visit any Independent Bank; the family set up an account in Jaylynn’s name.