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Working With Changing Technology

Posted at 8:45 AM, Jun 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-23 08:45:14-04

GRAND RAPDS, Mich.- Technology is changing so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Kathi Jo DeYoung of Joyous Journey has some tips for Baby Boomers.

In your personal world:

Upgrade your phone at least every 2 years. . . learn to use it!
     Research apps for your phone that you will need for personal living. There are thousands of cell phone apps to choose from for medical, financial, transportation, and communication purposes. Take a class through your cell phone retailer.

Upgrade your computer and the programs you use: learn to use your computer!

Research software for your computer that you will need for personal living. Take a class through your computer retailer

Appliances: ask yourself “what will I use into my 80’s, how will I use it?”   Research when you buy . . .learn to use it

Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the retailer or through your purchase site. Research what your eating habits may be as you age and what appliance you will likely need.  

Transportation: What transportation will I need as I age? What type of vehicle will I need as I age? How long do you plan to own it? As you age so will your mechanic so research and plan to change mechanics at some point later in life.

In you work world:

  1. Be aware and familiar with all the technology used in your department.
  2. Offer to learn new technology
  3. Embrace learning new technology at work and don’t joke about how much smarter your phone is that you!
  4. ALL communication is the potential to become public so think before you send email, texts, and other communication using global communication technology.
  5.  Always ask for help and remember that a dumb question is one not asked.