South Haven Businesses Anxiously Await Power Restoration

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 13, 2013

closed sign

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich.- Downtown businesses in South Have have been awaiting the Waterfront Film Festival  for months.  Business owners and employees were devastated with the power went out Wednesday, the night before opening night. 

Awaiting this weekend for months, the girls working at Renaissance and Papyrus are making the most of the darkness. 

One employee said, “ We made an open sign so that everyone can see we’re open and we’ve done a lot of organizing and we’re doing a lot of inventory right now.”

Restaurants say they’re using dry ice but not worries about perishables, yet.  They’re just looking forward to the power being restored.

The power outage isn’t expected to affect the Waterfront Film Festival and South Haven is still expecting thousands of visitors this weekend.