Man Charged With Hiding iPhone To Record Dance Studio Dressing Room

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jun 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-13 18:45:28-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — After an iPhone was found where it could record girls changing in the Ada Dance Studio last March, detectives identified the last owner of the phone as Richard Donald Schmeling, 28, of Grand Rapids.

Schmeling has been arrested and arraigned on six different criminal counts.

Kent County Sheriff’s Department detectives found a recording of the girls changing room at the dance studio, but no nude images were found. The smartphone was uncovered March 19 in the ceiling of a utility room next to the dance studio.

Schmeling has no connections to Ada Dance Studio nor with any other nearby businesses, said a sheriff’s department statement.

A fingerprint identified as Schmeling’s was found at the scene, said the department.

The man is charged with surveilling or attempting to surveil an unclothed person, capturing or distributing or attempting to capture or distribute an image of an unclothed person, eavesdropping through installation or use of a device, and three counts of using computers in commission of a crime.