Remembering Christianna Murphy: 10-Year-Old Missionary Dies Suddenly

Posted at 11:09 PM, Jun 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-07 00:33:46-04

HOLLAND, Mich.- Christianna Murphy, a seemingly healthy 10-year-old girl from Holland collapsed and died while living as a missionary with her family in Africa May 23.

Her family says that an autopsy shows that Christianna had a thickened heart valve, but more tests are needed before they’ll know what caused her sudden death.  They are the owners of Africa’s Child Thrift Store in Holland, which funds their mission.

Christianna lived in Zambia with her mother, father and five brothers and sisters.

“She was outside playing with her sisters and was just running and chasing chickens and she just collapsed,” Gretchen Murphy, her aunt, said.

Her father Rob, and mother, Christa, a family practice doctor, tried for an hour to resuscitate her, but had no luck.

Murphy says Christianna lit up every room, caring and helping everyone she met, especially the orphans in Zambia.

“All the babies that maybe didn’t get picked up as much and she would just go right there and pick them up and sing to them and pray and tell them that God loves them,” Murphy said.

Murphy tells us Christianna was a rock, touching more people than many have in their entire lives.  And though Christianna’s life was short, she wants her legacy to continue.

Funeral Information for Christianna Murphy:

Saturday, June 15

Central Wesleyan – Holland, Mich.

Visitation 12:30pm

Service 2:30pm

Public is Welcome

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Africa’s Child Thrift Store

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616. 928. 0064

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