In Court: Special Ed Teacher Wrote Romantic Letters, Wanted to Have Sex with Student

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-03 22:42:36-04

ALLEGAN, Mich.- Plainwell High School Special Education teacher, Kelly Laker, is accused of sexually assaulting his mentally disabled student.  Monday, the court was told of student witnesses, romantic letters and a phone call coercing the victim to keep quiet.

 Laker was arrested last Thursday and immediately put on administrative leave.  Friday, a letter went home to parents at Plainwell High School making them aware of the situation.

Testimony revealed, “It all started when she would have test anxiety.  He (Laker) would console her, kiss her on the forehead and then progress from there.”

Those allegations continue, “She said she would try to pull away, but it didn`t work.  This occurred on more than one occasion.”

Testimony revealed students saw Laker kiss the victim on her forehead, the victim says it went much further and the victim’s mother says she found the disturbing proof. “(Victim’s mother) had discovered romantic letters from Mr. Laker to (victim), these letters were discovered in (victim’s) bedroom, hidden.”

The testimony continues with the victim saying Laker wrote a date on the white board in the classroom and later told her that’s her graduation date and that’s when he wanted to have sex with her. “(victim) is mentally disabled due to developmental delays which require special education in classes.  Kelly Laker is (victim’s) special education teacher.”

Testimony Monday said the night before the victim’s forensic interview Laker called her, “Told her to deny everything.”

Testimony reveals there are records of a phone call between Laker and the victim that evening.   Evidence the court found reason to move forward with charges. “Based on my examination of the complaining witness I found probable cause to believe that the crimes were committed.”

FOX 17 reached out to Kelly Laker and his lawyer responded saying they do not intent to litigate this case through the media, that Laker is looking forward to exercising his rights and that he expects vindication through the justice system.

Kelly Laker will be formally charged for 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and Obstruction of Justice on June 10th.