Saranac Father Accused Of Shooting Daughter In Court

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jun 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-03 18:37:27-04

Ionia, Mich. — The defense attorney for the man accused of shooting and killing his own adult daughter said he may be looking into “temporary insanity” as a defense in the shooting.

Donald Lasley, 73, made a pre-trial appearance in Ionia County Court on open murder charges Monday.

Lasley has no criminal record in Ionia County, making the crime all the more tragic and surprising to those who knew him in the community.

Investigators say he shot and killed 37-year-old Jacquie Lasley Osterhout more than a week ago, Saturday at his Saranac home.

At times during court proceedings Lasley had trouble hearing the judge.

“I’m deaf your honor. I can’t hear,” said Lasley, at one point during the hearing.

His defense attorney who was standing next to him explained the directions to Lasley who was able to respond to the judge.

Court documents indicate the Lasley family history was rocky.

Police reports show there were many assaults involving Jacquie and her use of alcohol.

Some of the more violent incidents included a fight last July in which Jacquie had gone to the hospital for a cut on her toe.

She claimed her father had “head butted her,” and there was a “struggle on the floor” following an argument over alcohol.

Donald was not charged in that incident.

Five days later, Jacquie was charged with domestic violence for injuring her father.

Police reports say she was drunk and pushed him down.

When they arrived, he had “blood on his forehead, hands and shirt.”

Her mother provided a handwritten letter for investigators regarding that fight, saying Jacquie was not allowed on the property at that time she went after her father.

“She was not allowed on our property,” said Noel Lasley. “She showed up swearing and calling my husband names and threatening us.  My husband try to keep her out but she pushed her way in….they fell to the ground and Don hit his head on the chair.”

On January 7, 2013 Jacquie was charged with domestic violence for assaulting her mother, Noel.

Then, police say she assaulted someone else April, 5, 2013.

Lasley’s defense attorney indicated he was waiting on Jacquie’s autopsy results for more information.

It could determine whether she was intoxicated or under the influence at the time of the shooting.

“Toxicology results and autopsy reports of the preliminary examination,” said Downes.

Downes said he was also requesting a competency exam for Lasley in order to possibly use insanity or temporary insanity as a defense in the case.

“Based on my discussions with Mr. Lasley, “I believe that there is a basis that there’s a potential for either temporary insanity or insanity as a potential defense here,” said Downes.

The judge granted his request for those examinations.