The Latest On Jessica Heeringa Investigation

Posted at 7:13 PM, May 24, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– It was 4 weeks ago Friday, Jessica Heeringa went missing. She was working the late shift at the Exxon mobile gas station in Norton Shores when police say she was abducted. Investigators have been working around the clock, pouring over thousands of tips but still no sign of the missing mother.

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw says they continue to take it day by day, tip by tip.Shaw says they are just forging ahead and every morning they come in, they rededicate themselves to this case.

Investigators are still focused on that silver minivan and the man in the sketch. The chief says the task force, made up of agencies all across the state is still together and will be next week again.

He says they will stay working this case as long as they continue to get “high priority” tips in. They’ve had more than 2,000 tips come in over the past four weeks, not counting duplicates. Shaw says they still get about 20 tips a day and that’s exactly what keeps investigators going.

“We try to keep focused on the task at hand and for us its every tip we clear its one step were getting closer, so were taking the small victories in that were clearing out some of these tip.” I did not ever think we would be here after 4 weeks but that’s what we’ve been presented with, we have very little evidence to go on, try to develop our leads based on tips we received so its just the nature of this case.”

Shaw says someone knows something that could break the case wide open and that is what is most frustrating, that someone isn’t stepping forward. You can call Silent Observer and leave an anonymous tip at 231-72-CRIME.