Heeringa Search Renewed Over Memorial Day Weekend

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 24, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– It’s been 4 weeks since the 25-year-old mother from Norton Shores went missing. Police say Jessica Heeringa was abducted from the Exxon Mobile Gas Station while working the late shift on April 26th. Since then thousands of tips have poured in but still no break in the case.

Jessica’s family though is hoping the holiday weekend will spark a renewed interest in the investigation.It’s the first time Jessica’s family has been out at the make-shift command center in over a week. Jessica’s Grandma Diane Homrich says “I genuinely feel that they missed us being here.”

They decided Friday would be a perfect opportunity to spread the word. “With the holiday weekend coming up we are hoping that people will stop by and pick up a whole bunch of flyers and if they’re going out-of-town take them with them and pass them out wherever they go. A lot of out of towners, wear your t-shirts and talk to them about it lets keep her face out there and keep things moving.”

“We had them in the truck but they got old and worn out so we stopped to get new ones” said Matt Wiseman. Wiseman came out to replace old flyers on his truck with new ones and pick up some more flyers to take with him before he headed out with his family. “Hopefully we can do whatever we can to bring her back home.”

“I’m picking up some flyers im going to be sending them out to people who are going to be camping this weekend” said Shannon Hosington who also plans to pass out flyers at local parades.

“I pray every night hoping the next day we get up and she’s found.”