Newspaper Delivery Teens Come To The Aid Of Customer

Posted at 10:44 PM, May 23, 2013

GRANDVILLE, Mich. – Two 18-year-olds on their paper route went above and beyond for one of their customers and if it wasn’t for a proud mother of one those teens, they’re story might have never been told.

For four years, Collin Denooyer and Scott Van Manen have been delivering newspapers in the Grandville area.

On Tuesday, May 14th, they heard a cry for help on Bliss Court and answered the call.

Denooyer said, “It was towards the end of the route, we maybe had like half an hour left.”

“I was coming right up the driveway,” said Van Manen, “delivering a paper on the front porch here when I heard some yelling coming from right in the garage on this side.  I didn’t hear what it was at first but it sounded frantic.  I just saw the guy lying on the ground, he was shaking a little but he couldn’t move.  He was just calling out for help.”

Van Manen ran to get Denooyer and said, “He came back up here with me and there was a whole trail of blood from the driveway up to the garage.  He said he fell on the driveway and actually crawled all the way there but didn’t have enough energy to get back in the house.”

The two carriers picked up the 80-year-old newspaper customer suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and stayed with him until his family came home.

“They sent us a tip in the mail with the ‘Thank You’ note, so that was nice,” said Denooyer.

That was all the praise the two were expecting but Collin’s mom, Carol Denooyer, thought they deserved just a little more recognition.

“It’s not easy raising an 18-year-old and this is just a really nice bright spot and I’m really proud of them,” she said.