Anthropologist: Bones Definitely From An Adult

Posted at 8:19 AM, May 23, 2013

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RIVERTON TWP, Mich– After bones were found in Mason County on May 17, a forensic anthropologist has returned the details of an investigation into what the bones could be from.

They were found in the area of Morton and Chauvez roads.

Originally, the anthropologist looked at photos of the bones and said they likely were a fragment of a human skull, probably larger than what would have been a child’s skull.

Then the anthropologist gave it a detailed examination and testing on Wednesday, and identified just one piece of bone as coming from a human. It was the skull fragment, and no other pieces of bone were human. The anthropologist also determined that the bones were definitely from an adult.

Because of the location of the findings, some were wondering if the bones could have been related to the search for Baby Kate, but investigators told the missing infant’s mother that they were in fact not Kate’s.