Man Arrested For Death Threats At Daycare

Posted at 10:39 PM, May 21, 2013

GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Deputies from The Kent County Sheriff’s Department say a 25-year-old man from Grand Rapids called the Rainbow Child Development Center on 68th Street, threatening to kill everyone inside.

Mario Brazier now faces threats of terrorism charges.

As parents and grandparents arrived at the daycare center they were shocked to hear about the arrest.

Linda Buckingham has picked up her grandchildren from daycare for the past three years.

“It’s a wonderful place,” she said.  “The people are great, the teachers are wonderful, the environment is super.  It’s very structured.”

Buckingham said it came as a shock when FOX 17 told her that Brazier was arrested on terrorism charges.

“It’s a crazy world and there are crazy people in the world and we just need to protect our children and do what we can to make them feel safe,” said Buckingham.

the Kent County Sheriff’s Department got a call from an employee at the daycare who told them Brazier threatened to kill a woman who worked there and everyone inside the daycare as well.

“It’s hard for me to understand how people can do that, especially to innocent children,” said Buckingham.

FOX 17 looked into the criminal past of Brazier and found he was arrested in September of 2007 and pleaded guilty to stealing a car.

The daycare center has two sets of doors and all visitors must be buzzed through a locked door to get inside.

A spokesperson from the daycare’s corporate office told me they won’t comment on the case because police are still investigating.