Floyd “Money” Mayweather Is Highest Paid Athlete for 2013

Posted at 8:17 PM, May 15, 2013

NEW YORK — There’s a reason his nickname is money.

For a second straight year, Sports Illustrated has named Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the highest paid athlete in all of American professional sports. The sports magazine, in its annual review of athletes’ incomes, estimates that Mayweather will make at least $90 million this year off of just two fights. Sports Illlustrated estimates that the boxer could make as much as $128 million this year.

Mayweather recently signed a new deal with Showtime Boxing, leaving HBO Boxing this year.

Mayweather is followed by Lebron James ($56.5 Million), Drew Brees ($47.8 Million), Kobe Bryant ($46.8), and Tiger Woods ($40.8 Million) in total income from both salary and endorsements.

Further down the list of Sports Illustrated’s “Fortunate 50” is several Detroit players. Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder ranks 23rd on the list with $23.5 million set to come his way thanks in large part to his $23 million salary. He isn’t the only Tiger on the list as Miguel Cabrera ($21.2 million) ranks 36th while Justin Verlander ($20.6 million) comes in two spots behind Cabrera. Of the 50 athletes listed by Sports Illustrated, 25 are baseball players.

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson ($22.6 million) ranks 29th.