Exclusive: Fox 17 Sits Down with Jessica Heeringa’s Dad

Posted at 10:08 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-13 22:48:10-04

Jessica Heeringa croppedKENT CITY, Mich.-  We’ve seen Jessica Heeringa’s family out at their command center for the past two weeks but no one’s heard from her father, until now.

The past two weeks have been excruciating for Jessica’s Dad and Stepmom, Pete and Christina Jenkins.  Pete says, “My daughters gone and nobody knows where she is.”  He hasn’t seen Jessica in seven months saying distance and losing touch are to blame. “I just want her back, that’s all.” Pete says.

Police say Jessica was abducted while working at the Exxon Gas Station in Norton Shores.  Pete and Christina didn’t know she was working alone.  Pete says, “There should have been somebody there with her.  She worked at the Sparta Gas Station, but she was never alone.”

Jessica lived with Pete and Christina from ages 12-17, then moved back in when she found out she was pregnant with Zeven.  The Jenkin’s say that was a special time for them, “Going to doctors appointments with her, ya know and being there when the baby was born, it was great,” Pete says.

Pete says Jessica gets her love for music, especially The Beatles, from him.  He says he spends time in his music room to feel closer to her, “I feel helpless, my hands are tied.”

But, Pete says he has hope the right tip will come in soon, “I want the tips to be checked out and keep coming…I want her face to be on the news.”

The Jenkin’s met with the investigation team that’s working around the clock to bring her home.  They’re in constant communication with them, hanging on every new development.  Pete says,”I can’t thank them enough.”

They’re hoping and praying that Jessica will soon be home, Christina says, “Jessie’s a little fighter, I mean, she’s a fighter, if she can get out of what she’s in, she will definitely get out of it, and that’s what we’re holding on to now.”