Community Helping Each Other Out By Paying It Forward

Posted at 5:52 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-13 17:52:19-04

IONIA,Mich. — It is a pay it forward that just keep giving. Last December a couple of business’ in Ionia wanted to give away a car. The contest took place on facebook and featured three finalist. One of those finalist was Kim Sivertsen.

The single mom needed a car to get to work and take her kids to child care. During the voting period she happened to read one of the other contestants stories and was so moved by the fact that, that person had a son with leukemia and needed the care to get him to doctor appointments that she gave her votes to that person who then won the car.

Enter Jim Edlin owner of Edlin Automotive, Jim heard about what Kim did so he gave her a car and as it just so happened the third person who was a finalist was having her truck repaired at Jim’s shop and when Jim found out she could not afford to pay, he did the work for free. So all three people got a much-needed set of wheels.

Then came the floods and Jim’s business along with many others on Steele Street had 2 feet of water in the building and had to shut down operations for six days. When Kim, the one who Jim gave a car, heard about this she decided she would give something back by holding a fund-raiser to help all the business’ who were effected. “As a community I just hope we can get together and help one another, if we do not have these business’ we do not have Ionia.”

This Sunday Kim and friends will hold the “Steele Street Benefit” to help raise money for the places that were flooded. The event starts at 2:00 and will be held at Ionia Bowl 300 and feature raffles, silent auction items, baked goods and bowling. Two games with shoe rental are offered for $5, with proceeds going toward the benefit. “We’re looking for supporters to help these businesses out as best we can,” Sivertsen said.Donations of raffle prizes, baked goods and auction items are being collected now, and donations are welcome. Cash donations may also be made at Independent Bank, in an account earmarked for the Steele Street Benefit.