Emotional Mother’s Day For Jessica Heeringa’s Family

Posted at 3:29 PM, May 12, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– Jessica Heeringa’s family says she would do anything for her son. Always putting him first no matter what. It’s why Sunday, Mothers Day was a little harder than all the rest over the past two weeks.

For the first time Jessica’s family wasn’t at the command post, in the parking lot across from the gas station. Instead they spent time together as a family and that’s exactly what they wanted everyone else to do.

Jessica’s grandma Diane Homrich says “hug your daughters, your grand daughters, your nieces, your nephews and tell them how much you appreciate them because it could have happened to anybody.”

Jessica’s family has worked day in and day out, passing out flyers, doing whatever they can to bring her home. Sunday though, they knew would be tough and reality harder to ignore so instead they got together at Jessica’s grandparents.

“Give us a little down time and a chance to talk about what we’re going to do in the next few weeks and also celebrate Jessica in our way.”

Homrich says when Jessica is with her son Zevyn, she just turns into a kid herself. She’ll never forget the day in the hospital when he was born. “She said “ya know grandma this is the happiest day of my life” and it was, she would do anything for that little boy.”

A little boy now starting to ask questions, the hard part, what do you tell him? “Of course he wants to know where mommy is now all the time. She used to sing him a little ‘diddy’ before he went to sleep at night and although we tell him she’s working or she’s shopping we really feel he’s starting to want to know more.”

At just three there’s no right answer, besides having her home, making new memories, just exactly what they should be doing this Mothers Day.

Investigators are gearing up for another busy week, dedicating their 3rd full week to the search for Jessica. Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw says they are also hoping to add a Michigan State Police profile team to the investigation as well.