Two Weeks and Still No Sign of Jessica Heeringa

Posted at 9:28 PM, May 10, 2013

Jessica Heeringa croppedNORTON SHORES, Mich.- Two weeks and still no sign of a local mother abducted from work.  The search for Jessica Heeringa still has investigators searching for clues.  Police say she was abducted from the Exxon on East Sternberg Rd. in Norton Shores on April, 26th.

Police are looking for a silver van, believed to be a 2002-2007 Town & Country spotted in surveillance video around the time of Jessica’s abduction.  They enhanced that surveillance video and those images are being sent to vehicle experts for identification.

The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for family and police as new leads bring hope and each day she’s away brings despair.

Chief Daniel Shaw says, “We’re still confident we’re moving in the right direction, we’re still confident we’ll be able to find Jessica and solve this case.”

But, 14 days later there is still no sign of Jessica, Chief Shaw says, “The lack of concrete leads is really starting to take a toll because we want to find her quickly.”

Police continue sorting through leads and tips, but Chief Shaw says the right one hasn’t come in yet, “We do know that there`s somebody out there that knows someone and we need them to step forward at this point and give us the information.”

The entire investigation team has dedicated another week to the search for Jessica.  Monday, Chief Shaw says another team is joining the investigation, “We’re going to be bringing in a profile team from the State Police next week, we`ll be putting together a behavioral profile or a psychological profile of who may have abducted Jessica.”

For now, a little boy misses his mom wondering where she is and a community lives in fear asking the same question.