FEMA Looks At West Michigan Flood Damage

Posted at 6:19 PM, May 09, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Five teams made up of FEMA representatives, Michigan State Police, along with local and state officials toured  Michigan on Thursday to asses the impact  from April’s floods.

In Grand Rapids, the team visited spots like the JW Marriot and Z’s, where they met with workers to determine what was damaged when the Grand River overflowed.

“We  want to establish the scope and just really how bad it was and how it impacts the community,” explained Ted Stuckey, FEMA representative.

The teams will use the information collected during the tours to compile a report for Governor Rick Snyder.

“The Governor will use the information that we provide in our report to make that educated decision, whether to request federal assistance or not. Then that report will go to the President, then the President has that say,” said Stuckey.

Snyder declared 19 counties and two cities a State of Disaster after the floods hit.