Four Suicide Attempts in Allegan County in One Night

Posted at 11:09 AM, May 08, 2013

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich.  – The Allegan County Sheriff’s Department responded to four attempted suicides Tuesday night alone.

The department said it responded to 52 suicidal subjects so far in 2013.  The following is the department’s blotter:

Date:    05/07/2013

Time:    7:32 pm

Twp:     Wayland Twp

Info:     Suicide attempt

A Wayland Twp contract Deputy responded to a suicide attempt in Wayland Twp.  A 40 year old male subject was distraught and attempted to kill himself by stripping himself of all of his clothing, dousing himself in gasoline, and lighting himself on fire.  He was found by family at his residence and transported by EMS to the hospital.

Date:    05/07/2013

Time:    10:15 pm

Twp:     Fennville Village

Info:     Suicidal subject

A Deputy responded to Fennville for a report of a suicidal subject.  A 58 year old female with multiple personalities had made contact with her councilor and advised she was going to slit her wrists.  Contact was made with the individual who advised she was not serious about the threat but that she did make it.  The individual was transported to the hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation.

Date:    05/07/2013

Time:    10:23 pm

Twp:     Gun Plain

Info:     Suicide attempt

A Deputy responded to a suicide attempt in Gun Plain Township.  A 36 year old male called 911 and reported that he had injected himself with rat poison.  The subject was uncooperative as to where the poison was or what he had done with the container and needles.  The individual was transported by EMS.

Date:    05/07/2013

Time:    11:21 pm

Twp:     Hopkins

Info:     Suicide attempt

A Deputy responded to Hopkins Township for a report of a medical emergency.  A 14 year old male stopped breathing while sitting in the living room with his family.  CPR was done by the mother of the 14 year old until officers and EMS arrived.  The officer was able to determine that the subject took a large amount of pills.  The subject began breathing on his own and was transported by EMS.