Jessica’s Family Finds ‘Hope’ In Ohio Case

Posted at 7:28 PM, May 07, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– As the search for Jessica Heeringa closes in on day eleven, a small sense of hope came Monday night. Three women who were missing for more than a decade in Ohio found safe and alive.

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw says its encouraging in their search for Jessica. “My first feeling was I can’t wait for that day when it happens for us. I’ve been saying from the start that we’re committed to finding Jessica. We have never waned from that one moment but this does put a little wind in our sails. I think we say that and yes we believe that but this is prove that it can happen.”

Jessica’s family agrees, her grandma, Diane Homrich said she had goosebumps as she watched the news un-fold in Ohio. “My heart just skipped a beat for those young women and their relatives. I mean after 10 years they’re found alive. I thought that gives us hope that maybe she wont be found right away but I’ve always said in my gut I feel shes near here and that she is still alive. So I keep thinking hang in there Jessie we are looking for you.”

Homrich just hopes it’s a reminder for everyone out there, that it can happen and it did. So her message: keep your eyes open, “be vigilant, you know stop and think.”