Jessica Heeringa’s Family: What’s Next?

Posted at 8:31 PM, May 06, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– It’s been 10 days now since Jessica Heeringa was last seen and as investigators continue to sort through new tips and leads, her family waits for answers.

After a whirlwind week, things were a little quitter at the family’s command post Monday afternoon. Jessica’s grandma Diane Homrich says they’re hanging in there, “we get discouraged and of course it’s Monday and still no word but still people are coming out here.”

One man for instance who didn’t even know the family stopped by just to give the them some gas cards, not even from Norton Shores; he wanted them to know he was thinking of them. “Everybody, everybody says if there is anything we can do to help let us know.”

It’s this kind of support that keeps them going, gives them hope and offers a small sense of distraction from reality.“We’re going to have to consider exactly what we want to do which is kind of hard since we never have done this before we don’t know what the next step will be.”

For, now Jessica’s grandma says it just makes sense to stay. “When you get up in the morning you can’t just not come back here, it seems like this is where we are supposed to be. We’re always drawn back here I’m not sure why but I’ve been told follow your intuition.”

As long as she has that feeling, Jessica’s grandma says she’ll be back to do whatever she can to spread the word.“He’s got to be somebody’s neighbor he’s get to be somebody’s son and friend and while it’s difficult to call the police, they will check him out and if he’s innocent then there’s no problem. But you know he has my little granddaughter and she didn’t ask for this.”