Crash Kills Two; Alcohol and Speed Likely Cause says Fire Chief

Posted at 8:19 PM, May 04, 2013

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Kaytlyn Robertson held back tears as she thought of two of her closest friends.

Her former schoolmates,  23-year-old Alex Hanson from Gull Lake and Justin Green from Battle Creek, were in a horrific accident Saturday morning around 6:30, in Bedford Township. That’s near Battle Creek.

“If I determined right now, I’d say it’s between speed and alcohol,” Larry Cochensparger, the township fire chief said.

Cochensparger said he was first on the scene. He said 22 -year-old Cynthia Eckhart lost control coming around a curve on Meachem road. She hit a tree first and then hit another tree before the vehicle came to stop.

It was a single-vehicle accident. Three people were pinned inside.

Hanson, who was a passenger had been ejected and died at the scene. Eckhart died as well.

Green and 19 -year-old Jessie Finch from Hastings were airlifted to Bronson Hospital, in critical condition.

Robertson said Hanson and Green were suppose to hang out with her and husband Saturday, but now all they can do is reflect.

“They’re always outgoing and always wanting to do stuff, outdoors, ride dirt bikes, go disc golfing. He loves to cook,” Robertson said.

“Man, [Alex] would do anything. He’d try anything, try and cook anything,” Justen Robertson said.

“He’s always on his dirt bike riding around and having a good time,” he added.

The two survivors of the single-vehicle crash are in critical condition depending on prayers.

“I hope Justin gets better,” Kaytlyn Robertson said.