Police Have A Renewed Focus After Getting More Tips In The Heeringa Case

Posted at 5:05 PM, May 01, 2013

HEERINGA SURVEILLANCENORTON SHORES, Mich.– The search for a missing mother intensifying as new surveillance video is released in the Jessica Heeringa disappearance here is the latest information on what Police are working on.

.          Police say they have a renewed focus from tips received about the sketch.

·         There are persons of interest right now.

·         The gas station owner has officially been cleared as a suspect

He also gave police a list of vendors who come into the gas station which they are now looking into.

·         Jessica’s family wants to conduct a ground search, police aren’t organizing one because they don’t have an area to zero   in on but they are going to help the family organize a legal ground search possibly this weekend.

·         Police are working on getting more surveillance video from further north down the street.

·         Right now, state police are working with the surveillance video trying to get a higher quality picture.