Plaza Towers To Remove Vehicles, Get Residents Back Home

Posted at 6:24 PM, May 01, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Plaza Towers has notified its residents that they can make appointments to get back inside the flooded downtown building and remove vehicles on Friday.

The management team also said it hopes to have residents back inside their homes by next Wednesday.

During the recent flooding more than 1,000 residents were evacuated from their condos and apartments at Plaza Towers, one of the tallest buildings in downtown Grand Rapids.

At one point there was seven feet of standing water in the building’s parking garage, which forced power to be shut down.  It is still not clear when residents will be allowed to pull dozens of vehicles from the structure.

Following is a portion of the letter sent to residents today by the Plaza Towers Management Team:

“We will be able to accommodate people that need access via appointment over the next two days. Please call 855-3335 to schedule. We would like to keep appointments limited to only urgent situations. We will have escorted access on Friday from 11am-3pm.

On Friday, residents and their insurance agents may meet at the driveway access gate on Fulton Street starting at 9am. Because this is a worksite we will escort groups down to the parking area. Flashlights and waterproof boots are recommended. Merl’s Towing Company will have a representative onsite to assist with towing arrangements. Due to the low ceilings normal towing practices cannot be used and Merl’s has a plan for safe vehicle removal.

Tomorrow we will be reaching out to each resident. We realize there has been a lot of information posted on Facebook, in the media and other places. We want to address some of the questions many of you have and personally give each of you an update. We would also like to confirm vehicle information again as well at this time. Based on the most recent information that was presented to us this afternoon we expect to have you home by next Wednesday.”