Tebow Dropped From The Jets, And The President Has A New Look??

Posted at 6:50 PM, Apr 29, 2013

Lots of big trending stories on the Internet today. Here’s a look at some of the ones FOX 17 found.


This weekend, stargazers were able to see the planet Saturn from Earth. It was part of what NASA calls “opposition with the sun,” which is when the sun and Saturn are on opposite sides of the Earth.


President Obama showed off a new look at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner this weekend. While talking about the stresses of the White House and his second term, the president showed off some photo-shopped images of himself with his wife’s bangs.


This weekend, students in Wilcox, Georgia held their first racially-integrated prom. Before this past weekend, students attended privately-organized dances separately.


After just one season with the New York Jets, Tim Tebow has been cut from the roster. He was released by the team this morning, just days after the Jets drafted a new quarterback in the second round of the NFL Draft. Before playing with the Jets, Tebow spent just two years with the Denver Broncos.


NBA veteran Jason Collins has come out as gay. The 34-year-old revealed his sexuality in the new  issue of Sports Illustrated, and says he was inspired by the Boston Bombings to live for today.