Big Crowds For Guns and Ammunition

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-26 18:38:30-04

GRANDVILLE, Mich.–Nearly 700 people waited outside Friday morning to be the first inside Gander Mountain’s new Firearms Super Center in Grandville.

“I just came in to check out the new store and see the inventory,  see what they got,  it’s like a candy store in here,” said Kyle Alber, who was shopping for bullets.

Same store,  but a new concept with a focus on guns, ammunition, and security.

It’s the first Gander Mountain in the state to transform into a Super Center designed for gun owners.

“The ammunition is by far the most sought after thing that is tough in the nation to get and we’ve secured plenty of them,” explained Gander Mountain store manager Brad Nowak.

Even with the new Cabela’s located just a few miles away, gun owners appeared excited about another shopping option.

“All I heard was that they had ammo, so I came down and picked some up and I was lucky enough to get some, ” said gun owner Mike Eiswald from Holland.

He left with several boxes for his rifle and handgun. Something he says isn’t always easy to get your hands on.

“It has been an issue, the lines around the building and even on the internet,” said Eiswald.

Gun owners and businesses have reported seeing a shortage in ammunition in recent months, but what exactly drives it, isn’t always clear.

With fears over stricter gun laws, stores have reported running out of supplies.

Demand went up after the President’s Barack Obama’s re-election and then again after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

People were worried about restrictions started stockpiling.

“It think they (consumers) are very aware of what happens in the industry and if there is fear of some rights being taken away or restrictions,  people want to get that before the restrictions, ” said store manager Brad Nowak.

Supply and demand is a main reason driving stores, like Gander Mountain, to revamp and work hard to keep the shelves stocked.

The Gander Mountain Firearms Super Center is located at 4655 Canal Avenue in Grandville. The three-day Grand Opening will include specials and giveaways running from April 26-28.