City of Grandville Flooding Update

Posted at 3:27 PM, Apr 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-25 15:27:29-04

The following information was sent to FOX 17 from the City of Grandville:

City of Grandville Flooding Status

Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 3:15 p.m.


Latest Developments – Thursday


  • The Grand River continues to recede in Grandville.  The extent and depth of flooded areas is decreasing at an accelerating pace.   


  • The Grandville Clean Water Plant (CWP) is no longer by-pass pumping.  All sanitary sewer flow into the CWP is being absorbed into the treatment process.  Sanitary flow into the plant continues to be at a very high rate but has decreased from Wednesday’s flow rates.


  • Users of the Grandville Sanitary Sewer System are still requested to use water conservatively in order to reduce flows to the CWP.  Plant flows continue to exceed system design capacity.  The City greatly appreciates the cooperation we have received from system users in reducing discharges to the sanitary sewer system.  Inflow and infiltration of the sanitary sewer system will remain a primary concern as long as areas of the City and sewer service area remain under flood waters. 


  • See below for an update on Grandville street closures.




  • Wilson Avenue between 28th Street and Chicago Drive is open with no water over the road.
  • Current street closures due to flooding include:Streets will be reopened as it is deemed safe to do so.
    • White Street west of Franklin.
    • Sanford Avenue north of 28th Street.
    • Busch Drive between Sanford and Ivanrest Avenues.
    • Division Avenue north of the CSX railroad.
    • Ferry Street west of Franklin.
  • Driving down flooded streets can be hazardous and may cause damage to abutting properties and structures.  Please keep vehicles out of flooded areas.


Department of Public Works


  • The berm on the north side of the DPW facility at 4095 White Street has been removed.  The DPW garage is now fully accessible to DPW staff from both the north and south entrances. 
  • DPW phone number is 538-1990.
  • The water system is safe to drink. 


Text Regarding the Requested Voluntary Reduction of Water Use


The Grandville Clean Water Plant (CWP) continues to request all users of the Grandville Sanitary Sewer System to reduce unnecessary discharges to the sanitary sewer in order to reduce flow into the CWP.  This request is likely to be continued as long as flows into the CWP remain above design capacity.  Flood waters have infiltrated the collection system (for example, entering through floor drains, sanitary sewer manholes and other access points that are underwater). 

Once again, to be very clear, this is a request to reduce the DISCHARGE of water to the sanitary sewer system.  THE WATER IS SAFE FOR DRINKING AND ALL OTHER USES.  We are simply asking that users attempt to reduce the amount of water that ends up in the drain to the extent possible until such time as system flows drop to more manageable levels.  Examples:  Flushing less, shorter showers, hand washing dishes, deferring laundry.  Areas served by the Grandville CWP include:

  • All of the City of Grandville
  • All of Georgetown Township
  • All of the City of Hudsonville
  • Eastern portions Blendon Township
  • Northern portions of Jamestown Township.