Alleged Looter Charged with Destroying Flooded Home

Posted at 3:50 PM, Apr 25, 2013

KENT COUNTY, Mich – A Kent County man is facing felony assault and home invasion charges in what investigators are calling a neighborly feud that escalated into violence.

Given the severe flooding along the Abrigador Trial in Comstock Park, Bruce Ling and his wife Rebecca opted to leave their home until flood waters receded last Friday, despite an emergency call on Thursday evening that had nothing to do with the flooding.

Detectives say Rebecca called 911 after her neighbor, later identified as 36 year old Mark Scott Vandermolen, had pointed a gun at her and fired 3 shots.  Detectives say Ling was forced to hide behind her house during the shooting, which shattered glass at the home.

Mark Scott Vandermolen, 36

Mark Scott Vandermolen, 36

Between the shooting and the flood waters, the Ling’s decided to leave until the flood waters receded.

After leaving, a neighbor contacted them reporting more damage at the home that wasn’t flood related, leading to a police response.

Deputies found the home had been ransacked.  A toilet and sink pulled off the wall and shattered, cabinet doors were ripped off and a box of jewelry left on top of a refrigerator was missing.  There was also evidence that shots had been fired inside the home.

Deputies also made contact with Vandermolen, who had a bad cut on his right hand.  He was hospitalized for treatment for both the cut and for hypothermia, and later arrested.

Detectives say there’s a documented history of problems between the neighbors, included a PPO that was filed by the Lings against Vandermolen in 2010.

The Lings are forced to wait until its safe to return to their home to determine what is salvageable, both from the alleged home invasion and the flooding damage.