Lowell Road Closures Due To Flooding

Posted at 11:37 AM, Apr 20, 2013
floodLOWELL, Mich–The city of Lowell continues to brace for the worst as water levels  rise, its predicted they’ll see another 1.5 feet of flooding along the Grand River.
Power is anticipated to be shut down for all Lowell Light and Power customers east of the Flat River sometime Sunday morning. The power will stay off the water recedes back to a safe level and that could take a number of days.
M-21 (Main Street) east of the Flat River in the City of Lowell is currently closed, drivers should take another route. Jackson Street and the bridge over the Grand River is also closed.
The city says crews are working to keep Hudson Street between the Grand River and Bowes Road open. The city is encouraging traffic to be limited to residents and emergency vehicles only.