Flooding Update As Of 8:30pm In Kent County

Posted at 8:40 PM, Apr 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-20 20:40:23-04


  • Kent County remains under a declaration of emergency
  • Overall conditions are stable in Kent County; however officials are monitoring water levels, anticipating the river to crest between late Sunday evening to mid-day Monday
  • The Kent County EOC is still activated and in communication with the City of Grand Rapids ECO. We are in touch with our local police and fire departments, EMS, and other response agencies for activity updates.
  • Currently in Kent County, we have 4 active shelters manned by the American Red Cross. The Kent County animal shelter is assisting by housing their pets.
  • Kent County Health Department is maintaining a NO CONTACT Advisory for the Grand River and is assessing and monitoring for emerging health threats.
    • In addition to fast-moving current, the flood water poses other dangers from debris and possible contamination. “contact with the water could lead to Salmonella,” said Adam London, Health Officer of the Kent County Health Department. “Stay away from the Grand – as well as any other creeks or rivers – until further notice. We also recommend keeping pets away from these water.”

**until the flooding event passes, we ask all residents, regardless of water and sewer type, to use water very conservatively. This means

  • Flush the toilet less;
  • Shower for a shorter time;
  • Avoid doing laundry or do larger loads at once;
  • Avoid the dishwasher – hand-wash dishes instead
  • The Road Commission reports several road closings. We urge motorists to observe road closures barricades
  • Law enforcement officials strongly urge motorists to stay out of the flooded areas. Reports have been received of curiosity seekers causing traffic problems for law enforcement personnel.
  • The City of Lowell has closed Main Street from Hudson to Montcalm Ave
  • Evacuations: approximately 530 persons have evacuated from their homes in Kent County.
  • Kent County Equalization has been in the process since Friday, assessing the damage and this process will continue throughout this event.
  • Our volunteer groups have been active; assisting responders in EOC, damage assessments, and shelter activities
  • Medical Director of Kent County EMS, Todd Chassee, MDFACEO, reports no increase in patients. Everything is operating as normal; the system is not currently being taxed in anyway
  • Kent and Ottawa County Emergency Management personnel viewed the flooded areas via the MSP helicopter this afternoon.
  • So far today, there have been two rescues out of the Grand River
    • Lowell
    • Comsock Park
  • At this time, the Kent County EOC is monitoring the situation and is in communication with the NWS for the weather and flooding projection and updates. Small streams a have been receding and some are near normal levels as the water is moving down stream. We are still encouraging people to stay out of the flood areas, observe barricades and do not drive through standing water.

Roadways that are closed because of high water.


15 Mile from Strout to shaner (impassable) access address 6610 from west and 6645 from east

19 Mile between Penny and Force (impassable) access address 11385 from west and 11470 from east

12 Mile from Friske to Algoma (impassible)

Tisdale from 20 Mile Rd and 21 Mile Rd

Summit from 13 Mile Rd to 12 Mile Rd

Division Ave from Fonger to 11 Mile Rd

Ashley from 5 Mile Rd to 6 Mile Rd

Nugent from 9 Mile and 10 Mile Rd

Gavin Lake from 6 Mile Rd to Crooked Lake

McCabe Ave 4 Mile Rd to 5 Mile Rd

12 Mile from northland to Algoma

Strotheide from Ashley to Montcalm

Friske from 12 Mile Rd to 13 Mile Rd

12 Mile Rd from Northland to summit


Carright & briggs

4 mile & Briggs

Forest Ridge & Coit

West River Dr & Abrigador Trail

West River Centre & Abrigador Trail

West River Dr & St Lawrence

West River Dr & Karcher Dr

Jupiter & Konkle

West River & Indian

Indian & River Point

Walnut Park & Northland Dr

Willow Dr & Bailey Park

Willow Dr & Canright

Shady Dr & Knapp St

Walker from 5 mile to 6 Mile

Division from hayes to 7 Mile

Reeds lake Blvd from Duvhess to manhattan

Reeds lake Blvd from East Beltline to Hall

Michigan from Twin Lakes to Crahen

Rogue River from Ethelwin to packer Dr


Vergennes between Parnell & Boynton

36th St between Quiggle & Cherry Lane

68th from Wingeier to Pratt Lake

64th from Pratt Lake to Montcalm

60th St from Bancroft to M-50

66th St from Whitneyville to McCords

Cherry valley from 76th St to 84th St

100th St from M-37 to Duncan Lake

108th St from Morse Lake to Moe St

2 Mile Rd from Alden Nash Ave to Murray Lake Ave

4 Mile Rd from Mccabe to Boynton

60th St from Timpson to Morse Lake

60th St from Pratt Lake to Montcalm

Pratt Lake from 68th St to 64th St

68th St from Pratt Lake to Montcalm

Wingeier from 68th St to 64th St

Ada Dr from Headley to M-21

72nd St between Wingeier and M-50

McPherson from AldenNash Ave to Parnell

Jackson St from M-21 to Grand River

Grand River Dr from Jackson to Montcalm

Causeway Dr

Division north of Oberly

McCords from 68th St to 76th St

Thornapple River Dr from Fase St to Ada Dr

Hudson St from Grand River to M-21

Southwest Complex

92nd St from Ivanrest to Byron Center