Tour Of Flooded Homes By Boat In Ada Township

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 19, 2013

HouseunderwaterADA Township, Mich. — Flooding in Ada Township has forced a number of people from their homes.

Friday, at least five feet of water had surrounded the houses in the neighborhood on Shady NE and Knapp Street.

Many residents had already evacuated.Some holdouts, such as Christopher Lee, remained at home.

Lee was traveling to and from his home by boat Friday.

He took us on a tour of the waters surrounding the homes on his street.

We could see mailboxes, cars and trucks, decks and children’s swing sets, all underwater.

At one home, water was flooding into an open door on the first floor.

“It`s not good water. It`s grey water. It`s nasty. It`s going to ruin their homes, flooring, drywall. All that stuff is going to have to be dried out,” said Lee.

Lee said a number of neighbors had their homes elevated about five years ago.

It seems to have been a smart decision with the waters rising Friday.

“A lot of people are going to lose a lot of stuff in this flood,” said Lee. “I know that this is the worst one I`ve ever seen.”

Lee’s home sits on one of the few spots of dry land left. However, he’s worried. “It`s still coming up,” he said.

Lee’s uncle, Dale, had arrived by boat to help him elevate his belongings to protect them should the water reach into the barn or first floor of the home.

Dale says it’s the worst flooding he’s seen in around 47 years, but he knows the full power of the river may have not been fully realized yet.

“I’ve seen it where the houses up in here, it was running right in the windows of the doors,” said Dale.”We get this stuff all the time, but never like this,” said Christopher Lee.

Both men hoped that FEMA might step in at some point to provide some relief from the flood.