“Explosive Device” Found In Students Locker

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 19, 2013

photoBANGOR, Mich.– Police were called out to Bangor High School around 9:00am Friday morning after they got word there was an explosive device found in a student’s locker.

The school immediately went into lockdown and administrators say no student was ever in any danger, but they knew they have to take every precaution necessary.

High School Principal Jeff Melvin said “a teacher heard something go off in a locker and noticed there was some liquid coming out from under the locker.”

Police found two types of homemade pop bottle bombs or “works bombs”. One found in the suspect’s locker, the other in a garbage can in the middle school bathroom. A quick search on the internet shows dozens of videos of kids making them for fun.

“Knowing this person I just think it was a bad decision, he`s a good kid and he made a bad choice.” Principal Melvin says the 15-year-old student in custody is someone they’ve never had any problems with before and they don’t think he meant to hurt anyone.

But as you can imagine, it was scary for parents to hear about anything that has to do with a bomb. Dozens of parents who came to pick up their kids afterwards were in a panic, noticeably shaken and nearly in tears knowing it could have been much worse.

Bangor police say the prosecutor is reviewing the case to decide what kind of charges the student face.