Grand Rapids to Hold Emergency News Conference

Posted at 11:55 AM, Apr 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-18 11:55:29-04




The City of Grand Rapids will hold a


Press Conference at City Hall, 300 Monroe NW, City Commission Chambers (9th floor), at 1:30pm today, April 18, 2013. Representatives from the City of Grand Rapids and the Red Cross will be present to keep area residents informed on the latest flood-related issues and actions being taken in our community.

Earlier information:

 The City’s internet connection and email capabilities have been restored.

 All field personnel in Public Services, the Police Department, and the Fire Department have been instructed to watch for and report safety issues related to flooding.

 Residents should attempt to report safety issues related to flooding to these numbers:

Manholes and stormwater: Sewer Maintenance 456-3246

Emergency (Police and Fire): 911

Flooded streets: 456-3232

 Residents are strongly urged to use caution when driving over water-covered roadways. Do NOT attempt to drive through flooded areas. Due to the high water, Riverside Park is closed, as is the North Park bridge.