Flooding Washes Bridge Away Stranding Residents

Posted at 2:14 PM, Apr 18, 2013
04-18-13 48th St bridge washout 02

Thornapple Bayou Drive in Cascade


Rivers and creeks rose fast in West Michigan Thursday morning and one Cascade Township neighborhood was hit particularly hard by rising flood waters.

The Thornapple Bayou Bridge is on the only way in and out for about twenty families living along the river and this morning raging flood waters washed it out leaving them stranded.

The Home Owners Association met this morning to quickly put a plan in place to replace the bridge  and to come up with a secondary solution.

“That’s all in the works; we do have a neighbor who has a road that used to be here so we are working with the property owners, trying to find the owners to get access.”  Says resident Bill Boike.

Cascade Township fire officials have reassured residents that in case of an emergency a plan is already in place to reach them should it be needed.