6 Year Old Goes On Joyride For Chinese Food

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 18, 2013

LAPEER, Mich- A 6-year-old from the Flint area is in trouble with his parents after police say he stole their car over the weekend and took it for a ride. Turns out, he just wanted some Chinese food.

It happened on Saturday morning in the small town of Lapeer. Police say the child took the car keys off the counter while his parents were still sleeping. On the way to get the food, police say the youngster hit a street sign, then diverted his trip to go get the car fixed at a dealership. On the way there, two neighbors blocked him in with their cars until police and the boy’s father could get on the scene.

The boy wasn’t hurt, and never got that Chinese food.

His parents say this is the first and last time he’ll be doing something like this.