Acts Of Kindness In The Midst Of Tragedy

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 16, 2013

acts of kindnessBOSTON, Massachusetts — Since Monday’s bombings that killed at least 3 people and injured more than 180, people around the country have been offering support to the victims and others affected by the blasts.

FOX 17 has found five instances in particular that stand out:

#5  Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield posted a picture on Twitter showing Boston last night. He tweeted that his crew heard about the bombings and wanted to pass on their condolences and thoughts to everyone affected.

#4  Danny Amendola sent out a tweet saying for every pass he catches during the New England Patriot’s upcoming season, he’ll donate 100 dollars to relief efforts from the bombings. For every pass he drops, he’ll give 200 dollars.

#3  A man is getting high praise after he took off his belt during the chaos so first responders could use it as a tourniquet on one of the explosion victims. That random act of kindness was caught on video and posted to the Internet where it’s been going viral.

#2  Google has put out a spreadsheet of people in Boston who opened up their homes, wallets and refrigerators to people who were affected by those explosions. The list was complete with directions to homes and even had contact information on it. They also launched a “people finder” which helped people in Boston find their loved ones.

#1  After the blasts hit, the runners who already finished the marathon took off to area hospitals to give blood for all the victims that would be coming through the emergency doors. The American Red Cross later sent out a tweet saying they would have enough blood to keep up with demand.

These are just some of the stories coming out of those explosions, we of course plan to hear about many more in the coming days.