When Will It Stop Snowing?

Posted at 9:48 AM, Apr 14, 2013


(WEST MICHIGAN) — The answer from many of you may simply be “not soon enough.” Wet snow fell this morning in many areas as a warm front moved north through West Michigan. Snow showers were light in most areas but some areas around the Lakeshore saw some more moderate to heavy squalls. Snow showers should end in the next few hours as the front lifts north and east allowing for warmer air to move in for the afternoon. Temperatures will continue to warm in the afternoon and skies will try to clear by late afternoon and early evening. A few peeks of sunshine would be possible by late afternoon.

Flooding continues to be an issue around West Michigan as rivers and stream continue to rise. We had five consecutive days with rainfall over a quarter of an inch but came up shy Saturday of tying the record. Heavier rainfall will continue through the week Monday night, through Thursday night allowing for an abundance of water in already water-logged areas. The Grand River in many areas rose past flood levels Saturday night and will peak sometime tonight plunging more areas underwater. The Muskegon river continues to rise above flood stage and now near the Croton dam is considered moderate flood stage.

Here is a direct link to the most up to date flood information:

Flooding is the number one costliest and most dangerous natural disaster. Keep in mind flood waters often carry debris and bacteria so try to avoid coming in contact with the water. Flood waters are very powerful, only 6 inches can knock an adult of their feet and only two feet of water can carry a car away.